Napowan Adventure Camp 2018

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A week of Adventure Camping.

Troop 32 Scouts have returned from Napowan Adventure Camp. Every year the scouts go on a one week adventure, where they work on their merit badge requirements, try out exciting new activities. These activities include:

  • Aquatics (motor boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking)
  • Flintlock Pioneer Village (leatherwork, metalwork, carving, printing, pottery)
  • Shooting Sports (archery, rifle, shotgun)
  • Nature (environmental science, fishing, forestry, astronomy)
  • Sherwood (camping, cooking, orienteering, first aid, wilderness survival)
  • COPE (trust falls, teamwork, climbing, repelling, zip lining)
  • Skynet STEM Lab (architecture, fingerprinting, chemistry, animation, chess, engineering, robotics, building)
  • Verona Performance & Design (art, music, public speaking, communications, paining)

Here are some of the moments they had!