Enjoy adventure, making new friends, and discovering the world. Venture activities provide an opportunity to shine and learn more about yourself and the world around you. Venturing is youth-led and youth-inspired. You’ll acquire life skills and gain experiences that will prove to be valuable regardless of where your future takes you, all while having a blast: leadership, event-planning, organization, communication, responsibility – the list goes on!

Venturing is an inclusive program through the Boy Scouts of America for males and females aged 14-21 (or 13 and completed the 8th grade).


The Venturing acronym for: Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, Service. This model is a guide to getting the most out of your adventures as you prepare for your future, regardless of it that may be in college, the workforce, or elsewhere.


Outings with a sense of adventure is KEY to the crew having fun and learning something new about themselves. As a Venturer, not only will you participate in outings and adventures, but you will also LEAD them. The types of adventure are up to YOU and the Crew.


Help The Crew plan adventures. As a Venturer, you will learn to lead the Crew through many exciting adventures. Leadership in Venturing is not just a position, it is and action that captures the Venturing motto… Lead the Adventure!


Learn from your experiences as a Venturer. Conversations with crew members and you advisor will help you appreciate what you have learned. Personal growth help you identify and develop your talents and abilities to you can be prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities.


Venturers give to others. Service allows us to sustain our communities by identifying needs and addressing them. Venturing is a program full of opportunities to serve others and to have fun while doing so!

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