66th Annual U.S. Grant Pilgrimage 2017

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10 Scouts and and 3 adult leaders participated in this annual historic trip honoring the U.S. Grant Pilgrimage.

U.S. Grant Pilgrimage 2018- “Honoring our Veterans”

U.S. Grant Pilgrimage Theme for 2018 was Honoring our Veterans. While attending the Grant Pilgrimage the troop was allowed admission to the Galena Historical Museum, and Blacksmith shop. Everyone also enjoyed the Galena shops.

President Ulysses S. Grant, who also served as the Commanding General of the Union Army, lived in Galena off and on throughout his life.


This event has been celebrated every year since 1955

The first Ulysses S. Grant Boy Scout Pilgrimage was a weeklong celebration starting on Saturday, April 23, founded by Virginia Carroll and Ruth Turner. Some of the events were visits to all of the Grant Sites, an open house and tea at the Galena Library and the opening of the GAR Post on the second floor of the Post Office. There were 444 boy scouts from 37 different troops and three states in attendance.